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Seurico™ Fly Orb Hover Ball 🪀🪀

Seurico™ Fly Orb Hover Ball 🪀🪀

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Seurico™ Fly Orb Hover Ball 🪀🪀

Seurico™ Fly Orb Hover Ball 🪀🪀

Regular price $20.99
Regular price $20.99 Sale price
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Dive into the world of Seurico™, the sensation sweeping the year! Its unique aerodynamic orb design ensures it sails smoothly through the air, promising endless fun and fascination.


Seurico™ is more than just a source of entertainment. It's a tool for development. As kids engage with its movements, they unknowingly enhance their hand-eye coordination and refine their motor skills. Every play becomes a valuable learning experience.


The Seurico™ is a flying toy that has been tested for use with children. The ball-shaped design and protective cover make it absolutely safe for hands.


Be it the living room or the backyard, Seurico™ is designed for every setting. Its adaptability ensures that the fun continues, whether indoors cozied up or outside under the open sky.


Struggling to find that standout gift? Seurico™ is your answer. Suitable for any occasion, it's the gift that keeps on giving, offering endless hours of fun.


Simply switch the button to power up, then give the ball a little shake whenever you want to begin or take a break.

Catch Me If You Can Style: Toss it up a bit slanted (about 30 degrees) and it'll whirl around and come right back to you!

Basic Straight Flight: Want it to zoom straight? Just throw it down the same tilted way, and watch it soar smoothly.


  • Size: 3.8" 

  • Weight: 80g 

  • Material: co-PP, Toxic-free, ABS cover

  • Power source: recharge with OrbDrone USB Power Cord

  • Usage Time: About 20 minutes full charge, 8-10 working duration.

  • Leds: 10 pcs


  • 1 x The OrbDrone

  • 1 x USB Power Cord

  • 1 x Manual guide with original box.

  • 1 x Packing box

Let's Light Up The World:

  • As seen on the viral TikTok trend, you are officially looking at 2023's GIFT OF THE YEAR!
  • Seurico™ Fly Orb is the #1 best selling Fly Orb on the market!
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Seurico™ Fly Orb Features:

  • Bright LED color changing lights ensure that you will have hours of fun - toss it around with friends, use boomerang mode to throw it to yourself, or pretend you have the force and activate hover mode!
  • Seurico™ Fly Orb Hover Ball is an incredibly unique toy, and has gone viral on all platforms because of how much bang for your buck you get!
  • Multiple smart modes where you can spend hours learning how to master to impress from boomerang, toss mode, hover mode and more!
  • Simple shake awake technology so you can play right out of the gate!
  • Fast charging means you can play faster and longer! A quick 15 minute charge gives you up to half an hour of fun!
  • Durable and aerodynamic design means the possibilities are endless and it is safe and protected enough for the whole family.

Why Order From Seurico™ Fly Orb?

  • Seurico™ Fly Orb hover ball supplier is located here in the USA.
  • We are the number one best selling Fly Orb in 2023!
  • Lightning fast shipping and free tracking numbers ensures your order arrives in time and you know exactly when it will arrive.
  • Same day order processing & ships fast with Vip EXPRESS SHIPPING.
  • Money back guarantee & secure checkout to shop with ease!
  • Being Seurico™ means we have gotten lots of cheap competitors, but no drop shipping scam here! We have all inventory located here in Phoenix, Arizona. Don't be fooled by those other guys!

What's In The Box + How To Use Your Flying Orb?

  • Your package includes instruction manual, charging cable, and of course the hottest flying orb hover ball on the market!
  • To use, first take your Fly Orb out of the box and inspect the world class innovative design.
  • Make sure the side labeled "top" is facing upwards and turn it on using the on button which will activate the bright LED color changing lights.
  • Simply flick your wrist to turn it on using our motion sensor activation switch!
  • To toss to a friend, position the air to blow slightly towards you. To activate boomerang mode, position the air to blow slightly away from you. Hover mode is perfectly straight up and down!


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