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IntelliRhythm™ Hue TV LightBar

IntelliRhythm™ Hue TV LightBar

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IntelliRhythm™ Hue TV LightBar

IntelliRhythm™ Hue TV LightBar

Regular price $29.97
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IntelliRhythm™: Transform Your Space with Light!

Elevate your entertainment experience with our state-of-the-art TV backlight kit, the IntelliRhythm™ Hue TV LightBar. Featuring advanced Synchronization Technology, this intelligent chip swiftly detects and mirrors the colors and rhythms of your TV screen, providing unparalleled resolution, color matching, and instant synchronization.



Immerse yourself in a visual journey like never before. Our dynamic lights technology LED light strips adapt seamlessly to your content, whether you're engrossed in TV shows, movies, or gaming. Witness deeper contrasts, sharper details, and a more layered picture that completely submerge you in your favorite entertainment.



  • Customizable Intensity: Easily change the brightness of the lights to fit your environment.

  • Smart Home Integration: Connects with smart home systems for voice and smartphone control.

  • Intuitive Mobile App: Easily control lights and settings with the user-friendly app.

  • Vivid Color Palette: Select from many colors to match your mood and style.

  • Dynamic Music Visualizer: Lights sync with music, creating a lively audio-visual show in your living room.

  • Energy-Efficient LED: Bright lights with low power use, saving energy and reducing costs.

  • Easy Installation: Quick and simple setup for the IntelliRhythm™ LightBar with all necessary hardware included.

 Universal Compatibility is at the heart of our design. Our synchronization box serves as your gateway to an expansive entertainment ecosystem, effortlessly integrating with HDMI 2.0 and 4K 60Hz video. Whether it's your TV set-top box, gaming console, or computer, our kit enhances them all.


Unlock a World of Experiences: Hear it from Our Valued Customers!

Vibrant Ambiance - ★★★★★
"IntelliRhythm™ Hue LightBar adds amazing ambiance to my TV watching experience. Colors are vibrant and syncing is flawless." - Emily G.

Easy Setup, Great Effect - ★★★★★
"Setting up the IntelliRhythm™ was a breeze and the effect it has on my living room atmosphere is just fantastic!" - Mark B.

Enhances Viewing - ★★★★★
"The IntelliRhythm™ LightBar truly enhances my viewing experience. The color accuracy and responsiveness are top-notch." - Anita S.

Immersive Experience - ★★★★★
"Absolutely immersive! The IntelliRhythm™ LightBar syncs perfectly with my TV, creating a whole new level of entertainment." - Carlos D.

Sleek and Impressive - ★★★★★
"Love the sleek design of the IntelliRhythm™! It adds such an impressive and dynamic lighting effect to my movie nights." - Rachel L.


Packing List

◎ 12V5m RGBIC 60 lights strip x 1

◎ Power Adapter x 1

◎ Remote Control x 1

◎ HDMI cable x 1

◎ Manual x 1

◎ Several line cards

🌈Transform your viewing sessions into an immersive, dynamic experience, enriched with vibrant colors that seamlessly sync with your screen. Elevate your setup and embark on a journey of visual excitement like never before! 📺

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