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Slimming™ EMS Abs Shaper

Slimming™ EMS Abs Shaper

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Slimming™ EMS Abs Shaper

Slimming™ EMS Abs Shaper

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Being Muscular Has Never Been So Easy!

Health is indeed wealth in these trying times. A sedentary lifestyle leads to increased cardiovascular diseases and rapid weight gain.However, what if I tell you that you can reduce weight, reduce hunger pangs and tone muscles all at the same time? Not only that, you can also do all of these in the comfort of your own home!

Introducing the  Slimming™ EMS Abs Shaper! It  burns fat and strengthens muscles far better than any other health trend in the market! 

Let’s Hear What Our Customers Have To Say 

Yohan wants to not only look better but be healthier. No matter how hard he tries, he can’t seem to bulk up. Here’s what he has to say after trying Slimming™ EMS Abs Shaper.

-”I can’t seem to bulk up when I work out so I thought I might need some extra help. When I was using it, I noticed my muscles flex and pop. It’s an odd sensation but not painful at all! It’s like a weird tingling feeling kinda like how doctors would tap your knee to check your reflexes. After using it, I felt my stomach, arms and legs become toned. It’s like I went to the gym even though I’m just at home! This is convenient and effective! Thumbs up for me.” 

Winona wants to be a model but being thin won’t cut it. She needs her body to be toned so that she could be stronger and last long hours of training. Now with Slimming™ EMS Abs Shaper, she’s never been happier!

-”I’m stick-thin and I guess I’m the type of girl who has a hard time toning my muscles. I don’t want a body builder type of muscle mass but I just want a toned body. I used Slimming™ EMS Abs Shaper and I noticed how my arms, stomach, and legs became firmer and more toned! I look and feel so much better than before I used this! This is a five out of five star for me!” 

What are the Benefits of Using Slimming™ EMS Abs Shaper?

The Slimming™ EMS Abs Shaper  is a non-invasive  health gadget that eliminates fat and tones muscles that results in a multitude of health benefits such as weight loss and decreases the risk of cardiovascular diseases and hypertension.


Non-Invasive - The Slimming™ EMS Abs Shaper  is a non-invasive health product that doesn’t need to be ingested nor taken intravenously.

Muscle Toning- Achieve toned muscles through continuous and passive-partial muscle constriction. 

Fat Burning- The Slimming™ EMS Abs Shaper  specifically targets the elimination fat.   

Accelerates Weight Loss- The Slimming™ EMS Abs Shaper decreases the intensity of hunger pangs and  prevents overeating.

Improves Mental Health-  The Slimming™ EMS Abs Shaper improves your physical and mental health! Good health leads to sharper focus and a significantly lower risk for depression and anxiety. 

Four Week Wonder- Achieve toned muscles in just 4 weeks! 

How to Use

  • Clean the area you want to apply the adhesive pads to.
  • Remove vinyl covering of the pads.
  • Attach the adhesive pad to the problem areas (arms, shoulder, etc) 
  • Attach Slimming™ EMS Abs Shaper over the adhesive.
  • Switch on Slimming™ EMS Abs Shaper  to the desired mode. 


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Product Details: Battery Operated

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2 x  Slimming™ EMS Abs Shaper

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